Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Paper weaving

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing a tutorial.
I am showing a paper weaving technique, its pretty simple.
I am showing two different types of weaves here, a plain weave and a basket weave.

For plain weaving:

You will need paper strips of two different colors, the length and width you can choose according to your project, there isn't any specific measure for this, but has to be same for both colors.

Step by step:

1. Line up the strips on your work-board, and secure with a scotch tape at one end, we are working on the reverse side of the weaved pattern, the front is facing down, so don't worry about messing it up ;)

2. lift 2 alternating strips

3. Slip in the other color strip here.

4. This time take another set of alternating strip, the one next to the previous one, and slip in the other color strip.

5. Continue till you reach your desired length of the weave, and once done, trim the excess trips and keep about 1/2" strip, so that we can secure it.

6. Secure the ones, which you can fold in first, you can use a double sided tape, or a glue stick to do this.

7. Lift the left over strips and apply the adhesive to secure it in.

8. Once you are done, turn over the weaved pattern, this is your front, trim the excess strips.

9. Done your pattern is ready to be used for your project.

Here is a card I made using a plain weave.

Basket weave

You will need paper strips of different width here, one is wider than the other, but same color strips.

1. Secure the wider strips to the board with a scotch tape.

2. Follow the weaving procedure we did earlier for the plain strips.

3. The second strip need to be bit far away from the first one, to give a basket weave look, I would say at least 1/2 - 3/4" away from each strip.

4. Finish up the length of your weave

5. Secure in the same way we secure the previous strip, but here I don't secure the wider strip ends, I adjust it with my project and secure it. I mostly make cards, so the length differs from card to card.

A card using a basket weave.  

Eye Candy

  This card is another kind of weave, totally different from what I showed just now....will add a tutorial if anyone is interested.

I hope you have enjoyed this T time, and I really hope I had inspired at least one person with this tutorial. I look forward to your comments!

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  1. May I tell you ...I love that basket one
    so creative
    looks so real and adorable combine with that flower..
    the tiny heart on a big heart is really creative..
    My son ever made that heart too my dear friend
    soo creative
    nice post..hugs, Monika