Monday, May 19, 2014

Kesar Kulfi ~ Indian Ice Cream with saffron


Sharing a recipe today not a card. The weather is soooooo hot that I find myself looking for some cold stuff to munch on.
This is my family's one of the most favorite desserts, I always get requests to make this one when I go back home during summer vacation.
Very simple,  no cooking required! 
I didn't make this time, my daughter made this.

Ingredients :
1 small can carnation milk (170g)
1 small can fresh cream (200g)
1 can condensed milk (150-200g)
2TBsp white sugar
1 slice bread (crust less)
1cup full cream milk
A handful of raw peeled pistachios
2-3 pods cardamoms crushed
5-6 strands of saffron

Procedure :
Put everything in the blender and blend till a smoothie like consistency.
Put in the molds or in a container and freeze for at least 5hours or till completely frozen.
Done....remove from the molds, you can cut it or eat straight with the stick.
Scoop the container ones, I usually use small containers to freeze when I rum out of molds, so no need to scoop,  just eat straight from the mini containers.

ready to blend - all the ingredients in the blender

After the blending

in the molds

ran out of the molds, so used a container, will have to use ice cream scoop.

Frozen...and ready set go
 Hope you enjoy this simple dessert.

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your feedback, if you are not in a hurry :) Have a great day!

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