Tuesday, May 13, 2014

For my darling daughter

Every year I make a different card for both my son and daughter for their birthdays. This is how I got hooked into card making :)
 I made this card well in advance, but was having second thoughts about posting it today. But I will start work later this week, and might not have enough time to make cards and write blog.
Her birthday is on 25th of this month, and I am hoping she wouldn't stop by my blog to see it. Even if she sees on blog, its not in her vicinity around the house, and she is more interested in what I write inside.

Okay, now to the card :
I made a gap card. Used a A4size measure card stock, I need enough space for writing!
Chose the colors coordinating with the Inkspirational challenge.
I did freehand drawing, and then prick the card for stitching, bit time consuming, but this is what I wanted to do, so far I never made a card with stitches on it for her.
 Wrote her name, and hand cut each letter matching the gap size.
Look is very simple. This card took more time to cook in my head than to sit and execute it. I would like to call it CAS.

A closer look at the embroidery, used only simple stitches along with some matching beads.

The inside

Behind the scenes :)

Posting this card to 
I think this is my 7th entry her, if I am not wrong. Thank you Virginia, for providing the inspiration to explore my own creativity, I am having fun, while doing other techniques plus adding a stitch here and there!

A  complete different take on the inspiration picture, but I have used most of the colors from the picture, including the shimmer!

Thank you for stopping by and bearing with a long post :) , I appreciate your feedback, if you are not in a hurry :) Have a great day!


  1. Another masterpiece, Rahmat! I love your birthday card with the folding design! It's made with LOVE! I can see it in every stitch! Thanks SEW much for joining the fun over Virginia's View Challenge! Each one of your entry is unique and thoughtful!

  2. What a beautiful effect you've achieved with the stitching! I love the fold too.
    Thank you for joining us at Inkspirational Challenges. Come back next time! Marina

  3. Very interesting take on our photo challenge.
    Thank you for playing with us at Inspirational Challenges. I hope you will join us again next time.

  4. Just had to come over to tell you how beautiful and infused with love - in every stitch of your gorgeous flowers and every letters of her name - your card is, Rahmat! She'll treasure this!! I make a card/note or something every month for my niece and nephew, to celebrate their 'special' day - the 3rd for my niece and the 12th for my nephew. She just turned "50 Months Old" and he turned "26 Months Old" so you can imagine how many things they've received from Aunty C! Isn't it wonderful to make the little ones in our lives feel special!