Friday, April 15, 2016

My other crafting place - My Kitchen

Hi everyone, today in this post there is no card, it will be in the next post. This was something I was asked my some blog friends, and my other friends a long time back to do - Sharing my kitchen pictures!!

I am going to give a brief tour of my kitchen today. But mind you I don't spend much time in here, I can brag and say that I am a very fast cook, my cooking is done in between 15- 30 mins for everyday meals. Special occasions will be max of an hour. The day I have a couple of guests will be a max of 2 hours, as the spread-out is more, and I practically cook so much that I take a rest for a day with all the left overs ;)
I guess this is why I love cooking as much as crafting. I wouldn't have loved it if I was spending half a day in kitchen ;)
I have some pictures to explain, hope you can see clearly what I am trying to show!

I have the description first, and then the picture below.

My kitchen is right at the entrance of my house, as soon as you step in you will see my kitchen, and the kitchen door is always open, I hate to enclose my self and cook ;)

 A view of my kitchen from the living room, the far end with lights is the kitchen.

  A glimpse from the door, I prefer to eat here, when it is just 2 people.

Another angle from the store room, to the left isall the everyday stuff we use, and to the right is my rice cooker, juicer, dish tray and the sinks.

  My ovens are bit hidden behind the kitchen door.

The side where we use the most, the small blender is used almost everyday. Different types of griddles for pancakes, Indian crepes, and iron griddle for the flat breads - all hanging. You will notice the stock of Indian onions, I always stock as I don't like to cook with local onions, the taste varies greatly.
Kids nutella, peanut butter, milk drinks, toaster, and miscellaneous everyday stuff.

All the cooking takes place here, I use at least 2 burners at once, sometimes all 3. Of course the exhaust is on, and if anyone is calling out from the other end of the house - I am like a hearing impaired person, need to switch off the exhaust for sure.

The most important boxes in my kitchen - my spice boxes. 

This one is used every time I cook.

This one is not used very often but once in every 2-3 days.  This one smells heavenly!!!

  This is my most used cabinet, right next to the stove, stores my tea leaves and sugar. The spice boxes, everyday lentil and tamarind. and you will see  dry coconut , plus vinegar.

  This one another spice cabinet, you will find all the spices for Indian, italian, mexican, middle-eastern and for baking. You name it, you will find in here. Plus some home made spice mixes as well.

  This cabinet is to the left of the stove, holda all other lentils and other ingredients.

These are the lifelines of my kitchen - the grey granite ones are for ginger and garlic, and chili or some spices. This one used at least once a day.
The small marble one is only for cardamom for dessert or tea.

From the kitchen, when you look out, I just clicked all these pictures, as you can see, we have another super foggy day here today. 

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. What a wonderful place to cook in! Wow! I would have loved to gorge on something you've cooked - if only I lived nearby! Sigh!

  2. Oh wow!!! Such a neat and clean place! Very organized too! :)
    Suchi xx

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos. Loving all the spices and how tidy is everything? I bet meals in your house are tasty and fabulous x

  4. I'm so happy to be invited into your kitchen, Rahmat!!! I would LOve to cook with you, to learn to make your wonderful dishes, and spend time with you making cards, too! Thank you, so very much for sharing!

  5. You have a very lovely kitchen! So clean and organized and looks like a happy place to create some great meals for your family! :) Thanks for sharing!!

  6. You have a spotless kitchen - you must work at cleaning it a lot!
    I bet you are on fabulous cook!!!!
    sandy xx

  7. I came here from your fabulous card side of the blog and found this as much interesting. I would love to learn cooking (and cardmaking) from you! Thank you so much for sharing!
    In my native language your name means "Thank you" :D