Monday, September 15, 2014

Tissue transfer~ wine glass

This is my second post of the day, well sometimes the creative juices are overflowing ;), which didn't happen in a while! I am glad to be with some motivation :)

This is a one layer card! yes it is! I had used the tissue transfer technique for this card, usually I add a panel of the transfer on the card, but today,I took the risk of adding it to my whole card front. The transfer was brilliant and flawless, so I am very glad that I took the risk.
After the transfer, trimmed off the edges, and added the computer generated sentiment plus, I tiik another risk of stamping a sentiment on the tissue! I tried stamping beforehand on a scrap tissue and it it worked fine, the inks wasn't smudging, so I gave it a go. This sentiment is from STAMPloraions.

Adding the pictures of my process,
1. Spreading the cling wrap on the front of my card.

2. the top peeled layer of the tissue on the cling wrap.

3. Securing the surrounding areas, as I don't have a spare old iron.

4. Ironing the tissue front on full heat for 2-3 minutes.

5. The final product - transfer done!

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 This is my second entry here, the first one was also with bits of tissue, but this is a complete transfer, and I hope it qualifies here with the autumn colors and the mediums I used.

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. Wow Wee!! I'm so thankful you showed the process for this one because when I first saw the card I just couldn't work out how you did it!! Such an amazing technique and a so have to try this. There are so many gorgeous tissues/napkins around these days. This card looks fabulous and bet your going to get lots of comments for this one.

  2. This is a wonderful technique, Rahmat. Thank you for showing it step by step and mentioning being careful about my iron. I need to give this a try today!! It is so pretty.

  3. Now I know how you did this without Mod Podge! Too cool. My technique-loving heart wants to give this a try. And my wine-loving heart just loves your choice of image and sentiments. Thanks for joining us this month at MMCC.

  4. Wonderful card and so true! I could say the same about coffee!