Friday, January 22, 2016

Casology Feature - Part 2 (No stamping cards)

 Hello friends, I am in week 2 of my feature at CASology.
Before I share my cards for today, I want to tell you the challenges I have/ had when I started card making. I live in Macau, it is a country by itself. That being said, I cannot find a single stamp/ card making supply here. The only supplies available here are paper(Plenty of good card stocks, specially the textured and glossy ones) and some tiny pigment ink pads, and some embellishments.
I cannot buy anything online, credit card won't work or shipping issues :( , neither can I open a PayPal account, Macau is not listed!!!. Even though I can afford to buy a few supplies, but there is no way to get any supplies story of my life :D :D
So, I go to Hong Kong to buy my craft supplies, and do know that it is another country, so immigration clearance and all other formalities need to be done. Need to sail, so always look forward to a smooth sail....sometimes the sea is really rough!!!!. BUT, I have a GREAT store there(Actually I found 3 stores), which have most but not all the stamp companies.
So I had to think of a way to make cards using bare minimum supplies. I went for printing my own sentiments and sponging. It is a great way to make a card. You might not do it every-time, but at times it comes in handy.
I LOVE stamps and other supplies, and I really wish I can get my hands on all... LOL every crafter's dream. I know most of you have good supplies, so this is for people like me who start out with not much on hand, and find it difficult along the way ;) I now have decent supplies :) , but still love to use the bare minimum approach every now and then.

Today I wanted to share with you guys some of my previous cards from my past posts. All these cards have one thing in common - Just bit of ink for sponging and no stamps, only computer generated sentiments.
All the sentiments are from my quotes collection, and I printed off the computer, I do work on the fonts and design. Let's scroll down.

1. This card is very special, this was my first HM at CASology. It is very easy to recreate this, just take few stitches and add a pendant and few more stitches. Bit of sponging with a very light hand on the top edges.

2. This sentiment is part of a poem, I had shared the poem in the original post. The stencil is handmade, just a tiny embellishment.

3. Printed sentiment and used double sided tape for the hearts, followed by glitter.

4. Printed sentiment, just sponged the ink and few sequins.

5. Printed words, and also the soil splatters using a font, and added strips chipboard for the road.

 6. Printed sentiment and also the flamingos are from a font, and sponged the water and added the glitter glue for rain. There are tons of free fonts available, you just need to spend some time to see how these work.

7. Masked and sponged circle, with a hand-cut stencil for the lion, and printed sentiment.

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. I did so enjoy reading your blog today and learnt lots! Your cards are very creative and doesn't it go to show what you can make when you have to. I got some more goodies in the post this morning and raring to go with them but it's made me thank you for that x Fabulous inspiration x

  2. What a lovely post, Rahmat. Very encouraging. Beautiful collection of cards. Thanks for sharing your super ideas.

  3. Oh wow... Such a lovely collection of designs. All unique and all quite beautiful. X

  4. Thank you for so many ideas to make CAS cards - its a treasure trove! :)

  5. Amazing cards! I need to explore the font world!

  6. Truly inspired, each and every card, Rahmat! I LOve your designs, your thoughts, and ingenuity, too! I also see a very yummy recipe for Dum Biryani that I MUST try!

  7. Terrific cards! you've cleverly used what's available to you and achieved wonderful outcomes. Double sided tape hearts with glitter?!.. wow!

  8. I am so inspired. Very good tips for cards.

  9. Amazing...and the sentiment font on the majority of your cards is perfect as a design element. Certainly can see why your a CASology featured designer.

  10. wow I didn't realise this Rahmat. You really have to be organised. I know you have superb card as I have mentioned it before to you. I loved seeing all these cards and what an inspiration x

  11. Rahmat, what an amazing story beyond your card-making! You are quite talented and your cards are all fabulous. I never really thought about how much I take for granted regarding my craft supplies and the ease with which I can buy them. Thanks for making me think...and appreciate what I have!

  12. Wow Rahmat ...All the Cards are super creative & so original...Also loved your own created stencils n sentiments!! Brilliant !!

  13. WOW! What a fabulous selection of CAS designs!! Love the story behind your card making my friend!! You do very well with your supplies and I'm totally jealous of this!! I have too many supplies and messes everywhere in a room set aside JUST for that's ridiculous in all honesty!! I enjoy the CAS style and sometimes really struggle for quite some time getting one done, so I always enjoy your inspiration! Thank you! HUGS

  14. Hi Rahmat! What a great story...thanks so much for sharing it with us!
    CONGRATS to you on your well deserved Feature at CASology this week! It was so much fun to see your gorgeous cards posted on their blog, as well as the beauties you shared here for us ~ Way to go :)

  15. I have long been an admirer of your cards. And, to learn that you have done so much without many supplies, things I totally take for granted, well, I am just floored. Your cards are stunning, and I am so inspired by the beautiful things you create. So glad CASology has featured you so I could learn some of your tricks and techniques. Thanks for being our featured stamper.