Monday, March 16, 2015

Card Maker's Corner #3

Hey everyone, today it is time to about another fellow crafter here. Last time I told you that it she is the queen of sponging and inking.Without any further delay here she is Cornelia Wenokor.
Most of you might already know her, she is on many design teams like Addicted to Stamps and More, STAMPlorations, House of Cards....
She is one of the card makers, I love to follow, as I am a CAS card maker. It was one of her cards, which made me bookmark her blog, before I started following her.
Isn't this card amazing, I love all her card, but this one still is my favorite.

 Here is what she has to say about the questions I asked her.

 1. Please tell us a little about yourself.

 My son took that picture just now, since I am the one taking picture in our family  and therefore I am always behind the camera.

Hi, I am originally from Germany. I came to the US 23 years ago – I met my husband in Munich and it was love at first sight, despite my inability at this time to utter even a halfway decent sentence in English.  For the last 18 years I have been living in New Jersey with my husband and our two children, although my daughter is in College right now. I am working full time and I am a complete card addict. Ever since I started blogging I am totally hooked and this addiction is not getting any better….. I mainly do CAS cards, but occasionally I like to experiment. Usually not so happy with the outcome – so back to CAS it is. Besides card making I enjoy photography, baking, cooking, the outdoors (hiking, biking, skiing), reading, classical and all sorts of ethnic music and going to the movies. I love to travel!

2. What is crafting to you?

It’s my evening entertainment. I don’t care about watching TV – completely uninformed about what’s going on there. I share my craft room with my husband and after the kitchen is clean and the kid is in bed we mosey up there onto the third floor where he does his stuff and I do mine and occasionally we chat or I get his opinion about my crafting progress until he bugs me to come to bed….

3. If crafting was not you hobby, what else would be in its place?
No idea – anyone or all of the above mentioned things I love to do.

4. Which are the very basic supplies you need to make a card?(Silly question, but I do want to see how few things one can use :D )

What question is that????Card stock – no card without that one, inks, stamps, dies, Big Shot, scrap paper, pencils, markers, and whatever…..

5. What is a technique you are not good and want to excel?

Anything else that’s not in the CAS realm. Would love to be better with water coloring, Copic coloring, mixed media – do I need to list them all?

6. What is your best technique you love?

I love sponging probably the best (with or without stencils – had to squeeze that in). Love the results you get with that.

7. Which are your all time 3 favorite cards? (I know it's very hard to choose)

Three??? Not three hundred? I love most of my cards, so to pick just three is painful.

8. What is one thing we don’t know about you?

Now I shall spill even more secrets…. LOL! I was a horrible student in school – totally uninterested about what our teachers tried to teach us – in one word I sucked. So after I finished school I had enough of that and did an apprenticeship in carpentry, which I finished. After that I was ready to learn and enrolled in Medical School.

9. What is the piece of advice for crafters, whether new or seasoned?

Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment until you find a style you like and that suits your skills. Watch those technique tutorials – you can learn an amazing amount or enroll in the Online card classes. They are absolutely fabulous,  very inspiring and I always learn a lot. Besides that they are FUN! (Sorry, I do not get paid to say that)

10. I know that all crafter are hoarders in some way, which one thing is in your stash and you can buy again and again?

stamps and dies, stamps and dies, stamps and dies, stamps and dies, stamps and dies, ……You go the idea!

I hope you all had fun knowing a bit more about Cornelia, and I am sure many of will agree now that she is one of the best at sponging.

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. Thanks Rahmat for inviting me - so sweet of you! Kind of funny to see myself on your blog....

  2. Your creations are wonderful! Came over from your friend's blog. Both of you are true artists!

  3. Glad to know more about you Cornelia! Love following you and Rahmat ofcourse. :)

  4. Thanks for this interesting interview! Even though I have followed her for quite a while I learned so much about Cornelia!

  5. Fun to see Cornelia at Rahmat Blog
    I have meet her here at 2013 at the time she visit Munich with her lovely son...
    and we exchange stamp I order some from USA and Cornelia brought it with her (many thanks Cornelia) then I also gave her my (not sponged) handmade card..
    she is a nice lady and we talk for an hour cause then she has many schedule with her Son example visiting musem etc..
    yaay for Cornelia and now I read more about you :) thanks Rahmat for making this sweet interview....

  6. This is such a fun post about Cornelia!! I love her designs too!! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  7. Thanks for giving us insight into Cornelia's life! It was so fun to get to know her better.

  8. Wow....I recently became a follower her blog n its so nice to know about her more here ...and all your cards are just amazing Cornelia. ..!!

  9. Das war total spannend ;)) lieben Dank Cornelia
    She is sooooo talented, I love her cards, they are full of inspiration !
    Greetings from Germany Elisabeth

  10. Hi Rahmat. Thanks for sharing this interview with Cornelia. I feel like I know her better! :) xx

  11. Rahmat, your interview with Cornelia is fantastic! So enjoyed your questions, and her answers are delightful! So glad you're having these sessions:it's wonderful to get to know the artists behind the cards!

  12. What a fun interview, Rahmat ... and such great questions ... her answers allowed us to get to know the lovely Cornelia a little better! Anita :)

  13. I think this format is a great idea. I've been following Cornelia but didn't know anything about her. Your interview changed that. Thanks for sharing.

  14. What a wonderful insight into a fellow card maker. A pleasure getting to know you a little bit.