Monday, February 16, 2015

A new segment - Card Makers Corner #1

Hello everyone, my blog has turned an year old recently, and I am very pleased to announce that starting today onwards, I will be featuring one of the fellow crafters from the blogland. It will be a bi-monthly segment, so 2 crafters per month. I have asked them to share some of their experiences with me, I hope you enjoy reading through this segment.

My very first guest is Kylie Purtell  from Kylie is Addicted to Stamps.

She is a very talented card maker, and wonderful lady with a great sense of humour, she gave me my very first DT break at her very famous challenge blog - Addicted to Stamps and More. Kylie also runs another challenge blog Addicted to CAS. In addition to this, Kylie also makes wonderful personalized watermarks, blog headers, signatures, she is very talented at this, believe me, my watermark is done by her, and I simply love it. Click here to see her work, you will be impressed. I am going to stop here, and read what Kylie has about the questions I put forward for her.

1. Please tell us a little about yourself.
I am definitely a card making addict! I love learning new techniques and applying them to my cards. I own three challenge blogs - Addicted to Stamps and More, Addicted to CAS and Happy Little Stampers. I have met amazing people through my blogs and formed many friendships for which I am grateful. I have also created a craft forum called Happy Little Stampers and it is a great place to have discussions with like minded crafters.

2. What is crafting to you?( a stress buster for me)
I am a full time carer for my dad, so craft was a saviour for me. There are times he can be bed ridden for weeks so being able to create cards for my family and friends was something that helped my creative streak and fill in the hours.

3. If crafting was not you hobby, what else would be in its place? (Cooking for me)
I have tried to teach myself quilting (but I guess that's a craft too??) and have heaps of fabric and anything else needed to sew. I am restricted to only doing that in the cooler months because it is just way too hot where I live to be quilting for about 10 months of the year. I should spend more time on that but my card making and blogs are my first love.

4. Which are the very basic supplies you need to make a card? (Card base, some inks)
Definitely need card stock - can't start a card without that! I tend to stamp and use die cuts mostly on my cards so I couldn't live without stamps, ink, dies and my Bigshot.

5. What is a technique you are not good and want to excel? (so many for me)
I like to try Mixed Media cards every now and then. Some work but most of them end up in the bin. I love what people can create using all sorts of mixed media supplies. It doesn't come naturally to me and something I really have to work at. I am definitely a Clean and Simple type of gal :)

6. What is your best technique to you love? (sewing on cards
I really love water-colouring. Even though it is unpredictable, I actually love that. The different results you get each time makes for some really unique cards. I'm no expert at the water-colouring techniques going around but it is fun to do.

7. Which are your all time 3 favorite cards?
I have made a LOT of cards over the last couple of years and I probably have quite a few that I have felt are my favorites. I think I will answer this by saying my 3 favorite types of cards are CAS, Shaker and Mixed Media. Below are the 3 favorite cards.

8. What is one thing we don’t know about you? (someday I will tell)
Some may know this but I was a volunteer for our Rural Fire Brigade and at times was the officer in charge. I got to drive the vehicles and have my learners permit to learn how to drive Heavy Vehicles (trucks etc). I attended car fires, house fires, bush fires and even helped cut a lady out of a car that was wrapped around a tree. I also assisted the Queensland Ambulance with emergencies and even got to drive the Ambulance once. I made friends for life as a volunteer and it was rewarding to contribute to the community.

9. What is the piece of advice fro crafters, whether new or seasoned?
Just keep looking at new techniques and keep trying. Try anything and everything until you get to know your own style. Once you realize that, it will be a piece of cake! Follow challenge blogs and other crafters who give you ideas and explain how they created their cards.

10. I know that all crafter are hoarders in some way, which one thing is in your stash and you can buy again and again? (card stocks)
I don't think I could ever have too many dies. It's quite silly to want more and more because sometimes I only use them once and forget about them. There are some I probably haven't used! But! I do love dies and there are even so many techniques you can incorporate them into they are so versatile than just cutting something out.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading about her. The next segment will be coming up on 1st March, She is another talented card maker, you will have fun reading about her. Keep an eye!

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


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