Thursday, June 12, 2014

A bookmark

This is my first ever bookmark,  I am not into tags. I made it for my kids,  both are voracious readers, and I am crazy about books too. My home is like a books galore! I can never walk out of a bookstore empty handed,  and both my kids know my

Just editing to add this, I gave this tag to my daughter when she got home from school, and she said, "Just a tag?, it would be nice to give it along with a book....hahaaa just kidding mama!".

Ok onto the bookmark now. I used the face paints yet again to create the scene.
Colored black and smoothed out with baby wipes. Used red and yellow to create the sunset scene. Then added white paint and smudged it with finger to fade the colors a bit.
For the tree, I used my daughter's Chinese calligraphy brush, again! Just ignore the person I drew ;)
And the quote,  I wrote it myself. I know I don't really have a fancy writing,  but the message is what is important and my kids will appreciate the words more than the writing.
Recycled a ribbon for the tag.
I cannot believe it but it took me more time to make this bookmark than a card. 

Linking this to the 

Material I recycled:
Scrap papers 
face paints
calligraphy brush

The face paints I used, these are lying around my home for years and no one using it.
 the process:

Finally, this is how you actually use a Chinese calligraphy brush - to write the Chinese characters(if anyone is wondering ).
This is my daughter's work, she made it for me... she likes to doodle around a lot..... if you focus, you can see what it means, she wrote it in English too.
It says "I love you" :)

Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate your feedback, if you are not in a hurry :) Have a great day!


  1. I think your book mark is great. And I absolutely love the card your daughter made for you!

  2. What a sweet book mark! You sure made it with lots of love and thoughts! You have created a lovely scene with the Chinese brush and paint! Totally creative, Rahmat! Your DD's writing is so sweet (and she is so clever to make that "no book?" remark"!). Thanks so much for joining the fun over Virginia's View Challenge! .

  3. Lovely tag Rahmat and the doddling done by your kid is so sweet :)

  4. Beautiful bookmark. .love the message and the painting