Sunday, March 1, 2015

Card Makers Corner #2

Hello everyone, I am back with a new artist to feature in my new segment, which was started on Feb 16.
My today's guest is a very talented card maker, she sometimes uses her skills rather than stamps on her cards, and she is quite well known for that in the blog-land. She is Deepti Stephens from Catchy Designs.

Without further due, here is what she has to say :

1. Please tell us a little about yourself?

-  Hello friends! I’m Deepti Stephens from Andhra Pradesh, and I’m from a very small town. I have been married to sweet man for 4 years and we don’t have children yet! Well.. I’m a home maker + partner at husband’s business + an active church member + editor and advisor for my dad’s and bro’s ministry + card maker + You tuber + a very simple girl.. ;)

  2. What  is Crafting to you?

-   Yes! It’s a stress buster for me. I enjoy making cards and crafty stuff..

 3.   If Crafting was not your hobby what else would be in it’s place?

-   I love to sing, doodle and sew.

4. Which are the very basic supplies you need to make a card?

-   White card stock, pencil and an eraser, black permanent marker and colored markers.

5. What is the technique you are not good and want to excel?

 -  I’m good at nothing, I’m still a learner! ;)

6. What is your best technique the one you love?

 -  Masking and water coloring.

7. Which are your all time three favourite cards?

-   It’s very hard to choose only three, but I would like to mention about these cards because they stood out among all the wonderful entries submitted for a few popular challenge blogs..

8. What is one thing we don’t know about you?

 -  Haha.. Hmm! Ya.. I write stories in my mother tongue Telugu.. ;)

   9.  I know that all crafters are hoarders in some way, which one thing is in your stash and you can buy again and again?

-   Pattern papers and stamps.. :D

10. What is the piece of advice for the crafters whether new or seasoned?

-  We all really need a few basic craft supplies to make or create cards or crafty stuff. But my advice is please don't invest too much on your craft supplies. Just start and do with whatever you have, dig out your talent and creativity and show the world that ‘You are something’ (unique).. ;)

Thank you, Rahmat for this sweet feature, I enjoyed answering all the questions, it was such a great fun!!! and congrats on your new segment at your blog!! WTG!!


I hope you had fun learning about Deepti, and aren't her cards jaw dropping gorgeous??

Stay tuned in for the next crafter on 16th March, she is one of my favorite card makers on the blog land, and in my opinion, she is the queen of inking and sponging!!

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. Great to choose Deepti - she is such a fabulous card maker and has such a unique style! And she choose two of her cards to show that are my personal favorites of her - so beautiful to see them again! Thanks Rahmat for this fab feature!

  2. Great to know many thing about the fellow crafters.. Great segment .. i like the stamping techniques and hand drawn images by Deepti :)

  3. you juggle with so many things Deepti and still say you are a simple girl ?? I adore your cute hand drawn images n your CAS cards ! Thanks Rahmat for letting us know some more About Deepti !

  4. Great to know about Deepu, one of my fav crafter in blogland, a person with great creativity...Keep Rocking girl!!

  5. Wow Deepti ..u r so versatile ...never get to know that u sing also....but I knew abt ur writing skills...;) lol....these three cards are mine favourite too ..n actually all cards are my favourite and thanks for such a nice advice ...really helpful n thoughtful..!!