Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Guest Designer for CASology

Hello everyone, I am so excited to be a guest designer for CASology this week, this is my first time being a GD, and I am very happy that it is for one of my favorite challenge blogs!

This week the cue card is 

This is the card I came up with!

I printed the sentiment on a white card stock. I  up-cycled few bamboo twines, which came in a packing, I used this to make a nest, it wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.  I decided to add a tiny red heart instead of the usual egg/s in the nest. And stamped a tiny bird on the card, and stamped it again on a piece of card and fussy cut to add it above the stamped image, using a foam adhesive. That's it, didn't feel like adding anything else on it. 

I had so many ideas, but I kept coming back to this one, so ended up making this. 

I am going to tell briefly, why I chose these words out of so many beautiful words for a home.

My hubby works for 5 star hotels, and back in time from 2003-2007, close to 6 years we were housed in his hotel. Now, these were business class hotels not Resorts. My kiddos were toddlers that time, and they were going to school. Every morning I had to take them to the hotel lobby to take the  school bus, around 6:45am in the morning. What I hated the most was that I had to dress up nicely, and look presentable early in the morning, just to drop them off. Every time I had to step out of the house , even for briefly, I had to look perfectly presentable with a smile, as I was passing by the public places of the hotel, and I bump into the staff, they know who I was! Not that I was a VIP, but I was an executive's wife! Very tiring indeed.... So when we moved here in 2008, I was over-joyed that I would not be staying in a hotel, but in an apartment, away from where my hubby works(trust me, you don't want to live where your hubby works, poor him - it was both home and workplace for him).
For the first few years when I used to go down to drop off my kids to their school bus, I didn't bother, if I was poorly dressed , I didn't have to look presentable all the time, my hair can be a mess and I can just drop them off and go back home. I WAS/AM ENJOYING TO LOOK AND FEEL UGLY!

All said, I do miss a few things from when I was living in the hotel - the Housekeeping and the Laundry service ;) !

This is my interpretation of the cue card, A home is a place where you can feel what you want - ugly, beautiful or anything, and most importantly be yourself! I think this make a perfect card for a family member.

Thank you for staying with me, even though it is a long post.

Thank you for stopping by, I really appreciate your kind  feedback :) Have a great day!


  1. What a fantastic focal point you made, and I just love the thought behind your sentiment. So wonderful to have you with us as Guest Designer this week.

  2. Love this story, Rahmat! It really brings a smile to my face. And your nest is super cute! So great to have you as GD this week!

  3. Rahmat, your story was so interesting! I totally get the sentiment on your card! Congrats on your GD gig!

  4. Rahmat so creative, thank you for being our guest this week!

  5. We are truly blessed Rahmat to have YOU guesting with us!!! I am a huge fan of your work and I also am overjoyed you are guesting with CASology this week!! This card is fresh, creative and has a winderful message!! Such a dramatic powerful card, I love cards that have such a deeper meaning, as well as being cool too!! Bravo job well done Rahmat!!!

  6. First off your card is such a unique idea and perfectly designed. I love it. And I also love the sentiment behind it. I can see how much of a pain it was to step outside everyday looking your best. And pleased that now you can feel yourself. Congrats on a well deserved GD x

  7. Rahmat, I almost used inlaid die cutting for the windows but the panel was must easier!

  8. Rahmat, your story is truly heartwarming! :) It is so true! Home is such a special place, isn't it?!
    I absolutely LOVE what you created! The up-cycled bamboo twines are genius and that sentiment makes me smile! :)
    Thank you so much for being our guest designer this week over at CASology! It's such a pleasure to have you design with us! Hugs!

  9. LOVE that you shared your story with us...thank you! Those were trying times for you, indeed!

    Congrats again on your well deserved win, and now for your Guest DT spot! Your card is fabulous! I love how you created the nest and that you chose a heart instead of an egg! I also love the sentiment ~ it's perfect, and your CAS design is spot on!!!

  10. Congrats on your GD post, Rah at! This is such an excellent idea you came up with. I absolutely love making dimensional cards myself and so was naturally drawn towards your card. :) Its so adorable and beautiful. I loved to read your story behind that sentiment. :) Nice.

  11. How exciting, congratulations!!! And talk about an incredible card for your first ever GD. Your so creative and definitely think deeply about all your cards, this is no exception. I totally love the sentiment, home is where you can be you and be comfortable. How hard having to get dressed up every morning. I don't wear make up and I'm usually a jeans and t-shirt girl but there are alot of Mum's here that are dressed up to drop off their kids. And they don't even work!! Whenever I'm with my kids I'm always prepared to get dirty, thats way more fun!!!!

  12. Rahmat, that is such a cool story and I love how your card reflects it so well! So great having you as a guest designer this week at CASology!

  13. Rahmat, your card is fantastic! I love the nest you created and the clever sentiment and what a great story! I would not have enjoyed having to dress up like that all the time. I confess that I dress very comfortably (some might say sloppily!) when I am at home! So glad to have had you as our guest designer this week. :D